Security and Risk Advisory

Security and Risk Advisory is a strategic approach to prioritizing threats. Organizations implement cybersecurity risk management to ensure the most critical threats are handled in a timely manner. This approach helps identify, analyze, evaluate, and address threats based on the potential impact each threat poses.
A risk management strategy acknowledges that organizations cannot eliminate all system vulnerabilities or block all cyber-attacks. Establishing a cybersecurity risk management initiative helps organizations attend first to the most critical flaws, threat trends, and attacks.

Identifying risk

Evaluating the organization’s environment to identify current or potential risks that could affect business operations

Assess risk

Analyzing identified risks to see how likely they are to impact the organization, and what the impact could be

Control risk

Define methods, procedures, technologies, or other measures that can help the organization mitigate the risks.

Review controls

Evaluating, on an ongoing basis, how effective controls are at mitigating risks, and adding or adjusting controls as needed.
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