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Run Projects More Profitably with Professional Services Solutions Firms are rethinking business models to drive growth and engage the best talent. In2IT EBS provides SAP solution that enables firms to drive new growth, deliver digital services, engage the best talent, and become intelligent enterprises through our deep industry process expertise, next-gen best practices, and integration across the industry value chain.

Solutions we provide

Project and Managed Services Business

i) Billing and Revenue Innovation Management:
Monetize digital transformation through high-volume, subscription billing and revenue management.
ii) Service-Centric Billing and Accounting:
Accurate and timely billing solutions built around projects and services.
iii) Customer Project Management:
Integrated processes for selling and delivering projects and engagements to customers. Deliver results efficiently to satisfy the expectations of your clients.
iv) Travel-to-Reimburse:
Engage in travel and expense management to simplify billing, enhance the employee experience, and increase control of margin and compliance.
v) Field Service Management:
Support customer and field service from every angle with optimized workforce scheduling and mobile apps
vi) Customer Experience Management:
Manage your customers’ experience across the entire engagement cycle.

Total Talent Management

i) Core Human Resources and Service Delivery:
Simplify core HR and service delivery processes to deliver efficiency, help ensure global compliance, and improve everyday work life.
ii) External Workforce Management:
Streamline how you find, source, and manage flexible workers with external workforce management.
iii) Payroll and Time and Attendance Management: Optimise payroll and time and attendance management processes to ensure the workforce is paid accurately and on time.
iv) Talent Acquisition:
Secure the world’s best talent by using embedded engagement and automation throughout the hiring process.
v) Talent Management and Learning:
Simplify talent management to engage, develop, and retain the right talent.
vi) Workforce Planning and Analytics:
Improve your ability to lead your workforce, accelerate change, and drive results with powerful, personalized people analytics.
vii) Employee Experience Management:
Manage your employees’ experience across all phases of an engagement.

Business Development and Sales

i) Commerce Personalisation :
Deliver relevant and impactful commerce experiences with real-time personalization.
ii)Consent-Based Marketing:
Deliver the experiences that customers expect by recognizing them during engagements and ensuring consent-based marketing practices.
iii) Omnichannel Commerce Management:
Drive your business and win with an industry-leading omnichannel commerce platform.
iv) Optimised Marketing:
Gain visibility and control of the entire closed-loop marketing process. Make data-driven decisions to increase the marketing ROI.
v) Sales Force Automation:
Enable your sales teams to act faster and sell more effectively with sales force automation.
vi) Sales Performance Management:
Turn strategy into action with solid sales performance management to boost revenue and exceed quotas.
vii) Single Customer View:
Gain insight from a single view of your customers and deliver personalized experiences across the entire customer journey.
​viii) Digital Services Monetization:
Meet the needs of the outcome-focused consumer with an agile billing solution designed to monetize any consumption model.

Core Finance

i) Record-to-Report:
Gain greater financial insight and control through a faster, compliant financial close with less cost and effort.
ii) Invoice-to-Pay:
Automated and integrated payables management processes.
iii) Treasury Management:
Greater insight and control over complex processes for managing cash, liquidity, and risk.
iv) Financial Planning and Analysis:
Management of financial performance to control costs and execute organizational strategies.
v) Real Estate Management:
Remove operational barriers across the full real-estate management lifecycle.
vi) Travel-to-Reimburse:
Engage in travel and expense management to simplify billing, enhance the employee experience, and increase control of margin and compliance.
vii) Invoice-to-Cash:
Automated, integrated, and collaborative receivable management processes.
viii) Governance, Risk, and Compliance:
Reap the rewards of effective enterprise, risk, and compliance management with improved transparency and less effort and expense.

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