Heavy Engineering

Deliver individualized, sustainable, and smart machinery and components – at scale and as a service – with heavy engineering and industrial manufacturing solutions. Heavy Engineering and Industrial manufacturers are facing the biggest challenge to date: profitable sustainability. Not only do you need to reduce emissions in your own operations and supply chains – but you also need to provide products and services that help your customers do the same.

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Digital Product Innovation

i) Integrated product design and development
ii) Real-time insights for risk detection and decision-making
iii) Collaboration and change management
iv) Product safety and regulatory compliance
v) Manufacturing PLM processes

Manufacturing Marketing & Sales

i) Targeted industrial B2B marketing
ii) Sales force automation and real-time insights
iii) One e-commerce platform for all go-to-market models
iv) Dynamic configuration and pricing for complex solutions
v) High-volume subscription billing and revenue management

Manufacturing Supply Chain

i) Synchronised planning for demand, inventory, and operations
ii) Streamlined transportation management and vehicle insights
iii) Collaborative logistics and supplier networks
iv) Advanced warehouse automation
v) Tools to reduce emissions and help ensure compliance

Smart Manufacturing

i) Embedded Industry 4.0 technologies and intelligence
ii) Continuous collaboration between engineering and manufacturing
iii) Smart manufacturing integration, monitoring, and control
iv) Plant and asset performance management
v) Environment, health, safety, and risk management
Business concept. Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork. Selective focus.

Servitization and After Market

i) Service management with detailed financial analysis
ii) Digital twin technology for customer assets
iii) Omnichannel customer service and support
iv) Field service optimisation for first-time resolution
v) Service parts planning, sales, and execution

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