Engineering & Constructions (ECNO)

In times of economic crises, winning companies are those that are quick to innovate business processes, advance new business models, and create differentiating outcomes for their customers. Intelligent enterprises that cope best with uncertainty will come out on top in the next normal. The RISE with SAP offering is a stepping stone on the journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. In2IT EBS offering SAP S/4HANA, the Intelligent ERP in the cloud, delivers unprecedented automation around best-practice and next-practice business process standards that give you the flexibility to optimize and transform your business


i) Opportunity and Proposal Management:
Boost business development for growth.
ii) Pre-Manufacturing Operations: Identify and prioritize critical material issues,
and maximize enterprise-wide visibility across supply, production, inventory, and demand.
iii) Source and Contract: Reduce risk and cost through increased savings opportunities, sourcing efficiency, and contract and supplier compliance.
iv) Virtual Design and Construction: Get better collaboration step-by-step.


Construction Supply Chain

i) Track and Trace and Logistics Networks:
Maximise supply chain logistics strategy and comply with regulations with digital operations networks.
ii) Warehouse Management:
Improve warehouse management with optimized planning and automated processes.
iii) Transportation Management:
Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes.
iv) Response and Supply Planning:
Create and maintain supply plans aligned with business goals as demand and supply change.

Project Delivery

i) Contract and Invoice Management:
Manage risk through contract automation and collaboration.
ii) Mobile Safety, Quality, and Productivity Enablement:
Go mobile with near real-time visibility.
iii) Buy and Deliver Goods and Services:
Improve operational efficiency and source determination for direct and indirect materials.
iv) Project Management and Collaboration:
Empower project managers for success.

Asset Management

i) Asset Maintenance and Facility Operations:
Retain or restore assets for optimal
performance of required functions.
ii) Intelligent Buildings:
Manage key building services.
iii) Real Estate:
Remove operational barriers across the full real-estate management

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