Cloud and Infra Security

Cloud & Infrastructure security is the practice of securing resources deployed in a cloud environment and supporting systems. Cloud adoption continues to permeate throughout organizations as they embrace agile software development. While they are seeing great dividends in cost-effectiveness and flexibility, building security throughout the software development lifecycle is proving to be difficult, citing increased misconfigurations from user error. At the moment, there is a severe learning curve around DevSecOps and organizations are struggling to find the right
expertise to plug this knowledge gap.
The benefits of rapid deployment, flexibility, low up-front costs, and scalability have made cloud computing virtually universal among organizations of all sizes, often as part of a hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure architecture. It also leads to security challenges, as there are multiple security concerns due to the highly automated nature of the environment, and numerous integration points with public cloud systems. In2IT EBS facilitates its customers with technologies, policies, controls, and services that protect cloud data, applications, and infrastructure from threats.
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