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Create safe, sustainable chemicals by enabling digital transformation. Keep up with the constant stream of mergers and divestitures, changing regulations, and innovations by transforming processes and delivering sustainable growth and performance with digital manufacturing, supply chain, product and process innovation, real-time price and margin management, and health and safety management. In times of economic crises, winning companies are those that are quick to innovate business processes, advance new business models, and create differentiating outcomes for their customers. Intelligent enterprises that cope best with uncertainty will come out on top in the next normal. In2IT EBS offering The RISE with SAP offering is a steppingstone on the journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP S/4HANA, the Intelligent ERP in the cloud, delivers unprecedented automation around best-practice and next-practice business process standards that give you the flexibility to optimize and transform your business.

What are the strategic priorities in your industry?

Leading chemical companies to plan to capture new business opportunities by responding with new products, services, and even business-outcome-based models that better meet customer needs. Leaders focus on these four strategic priorities

Sell Business Outcomes Instead of Just Products:

Collaborate with customers and suppliers, become part of their value chains, and leverage digital technologies to deliver innovative services involving business outcomes

Simplify to Shrink Cycle Times:

Run simulations & predictive models to enable real-time sense & response, and reduce time to market, streamline operations, and maximize asset performance

Compete as an Ecosystem:

Capitalize on open co-innovation and leverage extended manufacturing networks, and redesign networks and relationships in line with market dynamics

Adopt Strategic Agility in Response to Market Dynamics:

Adjust your strategy and portfolio dynamically in response to market opportunities & needs, grow into new markets or segments, and capitalize on M&A and spin-offs

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