Application Development & Maintenance Services (ADMS)

The process of developing computer software or a set of programs to accomplish the many functions that a business requires is known as application development. Applications help organizations automate operations and boost productivity by doing everything from calculating monthly budgets to arranging sales reports. Be it Requirements Gathering, Designing, Testing, Implementation, and Integration – In2IT EBS supports your organization in every step of Application Development.

Types of Application Development we offer:

i) Custom Application Development: Custom Application development is the process of designing, creating, and deploying software tailored to specific needs.
ii) Rapid Application Development: RAD (Rapid Application Development) emphasizes rapid prototyping and quick feedback over long, drawn-out development cycles.
iii) Low-Code / No-Code Application Development: Low-code / No-Code platforms provide intuitive visual interfaces that make it simple for non-programmers to create and run programs. To create automated workflows, you can drag and drop snippets of code and adjust them depending on business logic.
vi) Mobile Application Development: The design of software for mobile devices that is optimized to take advantage of the products’ particular features and hardware is known
as mobile app development.
v) Web Application Development: Applications hosted on a web server are software developed for specific purposes. All internet-enabled devices, including phones, laptops, and desktops, can access them.
vi) Enterprise Application Development: Applications developed for large-scale organizations are known as enterprise applications. They support enterprise-grade features, like massive data storage and automation of complex business processes.
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